Sunday, November 11, 2012

End of the Season

Well, Brooks had his last soccer game the other day.  This was his first time playing any sport, so we weren't really sure how it was going to go.  Sometimes he ran around, following the crowd, but with a bit of confusion.  But as the season went on, there were more opportunities for him to really step up and get aggressive (in a good way).  He only scored a few goals all season, one in the last game, but he learned a lot and he had lots of fun.  The highlight for him was definitely getting his trophy.  He would carry it around everywhere if I would let him.  We're going to try soccer again in the spring and we can't wait!
Brooks loves going to soccer practice.

After his first game: Watching him run around with no clue what he was doing sure did make me nervous for the rest of the season.  Good thing he improved A LOT!

Chad and Brooks after the game when he scored his first goal.
Brooks and Nick - GO TEAM FRANCE!

Yeah, Brooks!

Team France (minus Hudson).

Daddy/Daughter Date Night

Chick-fil-a does this great thing for Daddy's and their little girls.  You actually call ahead of time and make reservations for this event.  I just mentioned it to Chad, and he made a reservation right away.  It was so cute seeing them get ready to go out together.  He kept sending me pictures throughout their dinner date, and it was clear that they were having a great time.  Chick-fil-a transforms a part of the restaurant to make it extra fancy with a princess theme to everything!  They have waiters, flowers on the table, a princess cow walking around for pictures, and fancy menus.  Chad said that it was geared towards older girls, but it's never too young to give a daughter some special time with her Daddy.  She came home and was so excited to tell me all of the fun things she did at Chick-fil-a.


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween

These were the original costumes that I had planned for the kids to wear.
These are the costumes they wore - they ended up being the cutest trick-or-treaters!
Little Jessie.

Ready to go with the neighborhood crew.

This was the only picture we got of trick-or-treating...but I love it and I love these two!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Celebrating Delaney

Celebrating at Reunion Grille with Gammy and Pops the Saturday before her birthday.
Cake at Reunion Grille.

Birthday Morning.  I found this dress up closet on Pinterest and Chad got the wood and built it for Laney.

Brooks picked out a book to give Laney for her birthday.
Laney got a cute purse from Aunt Jill.

Birdie got Laney a pretty dress up outfit and a vacuum.

She's like a house wife out of the 50's - cleaning with her best dress on!

We met Gammy at Chick-fil-a.  Gammy gave Laney an Elmo phone, and Elmo lunchbox, and some panties.  

Happy Birthday to Delaney!
Sharing cake with Bubba.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012 little 2 year old.

Height: 36 1/2 inches
Weight: 30 lbs.

Likes: Playing with Bubba, snuggling with mommy, oatmeal, yogurt, noodles, blankie, being outside, riding on the big scooter, "driving" Daddy's truck, doing things all by herself, getting her hair done, going teetee on the potty and getting marshmallows, Gammy's ipad, repeating everything everyone says, dressing up, hiding from Brooks, and Daddy.
Dislikes: Vegetables, getting a "spanking", sitting in time out, sitting still, loud noises, not getting to do what Bubba is doing, taking a nap, listening, coming inside when mommy and daddy tell her to, and pretty much doing anything that she doesn't want to do.
Nicknames: Laney, Laneybug, and now I've just been shortening it to "bug"
New things: Laney likes to go teetee on the potty and wear panties - we're not potty training, but just practicing.  Her favorite thing to do is take off all of her clothes, including her diaper, when she is in her crib.  Most nights when I go and check on her before I go to bed I see her bare bottom sticking up in my face.  And there are many mornings when Chad gets her up and she's completely naked.  Sounds funny, right?  Maybe...since it's not your child doing it.  She's really talking up a storm!  She pretty much talks or sings nonstop and well into her bed time.  My favorite thing that she says is, "I missed you!" when I get her up or when I come home from work.
We give Delaney a hard time because she definitely has a more challenging personality compared to Brooks, but even with her crazy moods, she is a super sweetie.  She gives great hugs and throws huge tantrums.  She says sweet things, and she can yell "no" or "mine" louder than anyone I know.  But at the end of day, I can hardly remember our lives before she was here.  She's added so much love to our family, and I feel so very blessed.

Monday, October 22, 2012

2 Years Later











Happy Birthday, Baby Girl.  We love you.

More Fun with The Ferrell's

We had a busy Saturday.  We started with Brooks' soccer game.  Although we were sweating the day before at the pumpkin patch, we were bundled in blankets for the soccer game.  On the way home we   noticed a lot of activity in the Home Depot parking lot.  Turns out that they were having a free event where kids could make things (Parker and Brooks are holding the helicopters that they made), and free hot dogs, cotton candy, cake, popcorn, face painting, bouncy house, and firetrucks to play on...ALL FREE!!!  It was PERFECT!  We spent our morning there (those pictures are all on my phone), and then the following pictures are our post nap activities.  It was a busy day!

We went to a great free Home Depot event and got these great aprons.  They were perfect for painting!

Stamping with pumpkins!

Their creations!

Silly Boys...they were cracking themselves up.

Eating pumpkins seeds.

Making cookies with frosting, sprinkles, and candy corn...oh my!